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Elevate Your Business with

Hoorak Smart Management Features

Field Service Management

Revolutionize field services with our cutting-edge management system and mobile app, boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction through real-time connectivity and powerful tools for technicians.

Email Marketing

Deploy strategic email marketing with sophisticated segmentation, comprehensive management features, and adaptable templates, tracking interactions to refine and improve campaign impact.

Hoorak AI components

Enhance operations with our AI-integrated solution featuring speech-to-text, smart request analysis, and automated responses for improved communication and streamlined user experience.

Generative AI Solutions for your business

Hoorak Service Management Solution

Experience streamlined operations with Hoorak's AI-enhanced Smart Management, offering a comprehensive suite of modules in one package.

  • Service Request Management, integrated with your website.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) & Email Marketing.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) & Email Marketing.
  • Job & Dispatch Management,
  • Integrated Invoicing & Payments with QuickBooks.
  • Technicians Tracking & Management.
  • Smart communication using Generative AI.
  • Integrated Google Services.

Why Choose us

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Hoorak: AI-driven business management for efficiency. Grow with technology and excellence.

All-in-One Solution: A comprehensive suite covering everything from field service management to advanced email marketing and invoice.

AI-Driven Efficiency: Hoorak leverages advanced AI technology for smarter, more efficient service management.

Integrated with QuickBooks: Seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks for efficient financial management.